Comments on the Current Status of the Study of Optometry History

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David A. Goss, O.D, Ph.D.


An online search for articles on the history of optometry and other healthcare fields is reported and is compared to a similar search conducted in 2007. A possible explanation for comparatively fewer articles on the history of optometry is explored. Brief comments are made on the significance of optometry history, along with suggestions on ways to enhance its study.


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Goss, D. (2019). Comments on the Current Status of the Study of Optometry History. Hindsight: Journal of Optometry History, 50(3), 57-59.
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David A. Goss, O.D, Ph.D., Indiana University

David A. Goss holds degrees from Illinois Wesleyan University, Pacific University, and Indiana University. Before entering graduate school at Indiana, he practiced optometry in the office of Drs. Lande and Crouch in Storm Lake, Iowa. He served on the faculty of Northeastern State University College of Optometry (Tahlequah, Oklahoma) from 1980 to 1992. He has been professor of optometry at Indiana University since 1992.

Dr. Goss has been a member of the Editorial Board for Optometry and Vision Development (1997–2012), a member of the Review Board for the Journal of Behavioral Optometry (2004–2012), and a member of the Journal Review Board for Optometry and Visual Performance (2013–present).