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Focus and Scope

Hindsight: The Journal of Optometry History is the quarterly publication of The Optometric Historical Society (OHS), a program of Optometry Cares® - The AOA Foundation (OC). Founded in 1969, the purpose of the OHS is to protect and promote the historical legacy of the practice and profession of optometry. This multidisciplinary journal publishes a variety of material that contributes new knowledge to optometry history, interprets historical sources from unique perspectives, and guides others in their research. The purpose of the journal is to enrich the scholarship and engender a deeper understanding of optometry’s role in all aspects of society and culture. The journal is published using the Public Knowledge Project’s Online Journal Systems (PKP OJS) and is publicly accessible at the IUScholarWorks website.  Print copies of the journal are available to sustaining members.




The journal publishes articles, essays, reviews, letters and other works elucidate the role of optometry in the humanities, social and health sciences. Examples of material regularly featured in the journal include:


  • Editorial essays,  announcement, news and commentary
  • Letters to the editor (about on material published in the journal)
  • Articles featuring original research on relevant historical topics
  • Historiographies
  • Critical essays on current or previous historical research and thought
  • Interviews and oral histories
  • Biographical sketches
  • Book, article or exhibit reviews


Examples of topics suitable for submission and publication include:


  • history and evolution of optometric clinical practice, including diagnostic and treatment tools, techniques, procedures and methods


  • history of the development of optometry as a profession, including organization, jurisdiction and scope of practice, regulation and legislation, educational and licensing standards, and ethics


  • history of the role optometry has played in larger social, cultural, and scientific contexts



  • history of the role that other disciplines, movements and phenomena have played in the development of modern optometry


  • history of technological developments and material culture affecting or resulting from optometry and vision care, including those used in diagnostic and therapeutic or corrective instruments and devices,  and innovation in optics, physics and medicine as related to vision


  • history of trades, professions, and other disciplines related to or affecting the development of optometry, such as the optical industry, opticianry, ophthalmology, public health and education


  • history of specific subdivisions in optometry and vision care, such as vision therapy, low vision care, and other modalities,


  • history of persons, places, objects, entities, or concepts of significance to optometry history



Section Policies

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Editorial Material

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Peer Review Process

The Editor will be responsible for the overall content of the journal and for making final decisions on acceptance or rejection of items submitted for publication. For research and scholarship that contributes new knowledge and is the result of research in several sources, the Editor may submit the article to a double-blind review with experts within the field of optometry and history or related disciplines as appropriate. The review process applies to both solicited and unsolicited submissions.



Publication Frequency

Hindsight: Journal of Optometry History has published one volume and four issues per year since its beginning as the Newsletter of the Optometric Historical Society. Open access is provided here to content from volume 1 up to the present. Persons who are members of the Optometric Historical Society (OHS) may receive print copies of current issues for a fee.


Delayed Open Access

The contents of this journal will be available in an open access format 12 month(s) after an issue is published.

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