Implication of outdoor Environment on Children’s Learning Experiences in Public Preschools in Borabu Sub-County, Kenya

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Godfrey Nyaoga Ayaga
Edward Khasakhala Okaya


Based on the findings of the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) needs assessment study carried out in 2016, international best practices in education systems and curriculum reforms, and a desire to make learning more meaningful for the Kenyan scholar Government's initiated an overhaul the 8–4–4 education structure to Competency-based learning because it did not promote wholesome learning. Competency-based education and training is an approach to teaching and learning more often used in learning concrete skills than abstract learning. Early Childhood Development and Education has greatly been compromised globally. The EFA’s first goal stipulated that it is the responsibility of every Government to expand and enhance comprehensive Early Childhood Education. In this regard, provision of quality of the environment is very key in enhancing learning. This paper presents results from a study that was conducted in Borabu Sub-county in Kenya to determine the implication of outdoor environment on children’s learning experiences in public preschools. The major findings includes: the general state of outdoor environment component was unsatisfactory; there was a positive relationship between the state outdoor environment and pre-schoolers learning experiences related to preschool children’s ability to performing various loco-motor activities and rhythmic movement activities and general academic achievement. The results further indicated that when all the four states of outdoor (the site, availability, adequacy and effectiveness) investigated combined together explained 35.2% of the variance in the preschool overall learning experiences. The results from observation and interview schedules indicated that a rich outdoor environment had a positive influence on preschool children‘s development of various social, emotional and cognitive skills. The study recommends that teachers and pupils should participate in outdoor play. In addition, the government should put in place policy guidelines to all pre-schools with regard to the availability, adequacy and effectiveness of outdoor environment.
Key Words: Competency-Based Curriculum; Outdoor Environment; Availability; Adequacy; Effectiveness; Learning Experiences


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Godfrey Nyaoga Ayaga, Masinde Muliro Uniersity of Science and technology