Constructing a Dual-Subjectivity Understanding the Intersection of Ethnic Studies and YPAR

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Brian David Lozenski


This article explores the outcomes of using participatory action research with youth (YPAR) as an entry point into Africana Studies. The author draws from empirical research and anecdotal narratives to document a program where youth of African descent in the US engage in Ethnic Studies through the lens of action research. Beginning with a tracing of the development of Ethnic Studies in the US, the author shows how combining Ethnic Studies and YPAR builds a dual-subjectivity within youth where they are subjects of their own curricular exploration and simultaneously developing a subjectivity as researchers and knowledge producers. The article highlights three major implications of this dual-subjectivity for the political agency of youth of African descent living in a midsized US city.


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Brian David Lozenski, Macalester College

Brian David Lozenski is an Assistant Professor of Urban and Multicultural Education at Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.