Dance Notation for Field Research

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Nadia Chilkovsky


Labanotation has now become rather widely accepted as the most flexible and logical system for recording human movement. This system was invented by Rudolf Laban and copyrighted in 1928 and 1954. (Supplementary symbols copyrighted by the Dance Notation Bureau, New York, in 1954.) Labanotation is now being taught at the following centers and institutions: Laban Art of Movement Guild, Surrey, England; Folkwangschule, Essen, Germany (Albrcht Kunst); Dance Notation Bureau, New York City; Philadelphia Dance Academy, Philadelphia, Pa .; and Institut fiir Volksbildung, Budapest, Hungary (Maria Szentpal). Gertrude P. Kurath, Ann Arbor, Michigan, uses Labanotation to record some of her observations of the American Indian Dance.

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