Writing against Europe: On the Necessary Decline of Ethnomusicology. By Martin Greve. Translated by Férdia J. Stone-Davis.

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Martin Greve
Férdia J. Stone-Davis


In this appraisal of then-current German-speaking ethnomusicology, Martin Greve calls for much more critical acknowledgment and consideration of recent key debates in cultural studies and cultural anthropology. The essay and its provocative title, certainly written in a constructive spirit, hit a trouble spot, fueling the fear of losing ethnomusicology’s disciplinary raison d’être. A short but telling discussion among German-speaking ethnomusicologists ensued.

Citation: Greve, Martin. Writing against Europe:On the Necessary Decline of Ethnomusicology. Translated by Férdia J. Stone-Davis. Ethnomusicology Translations, no. 3. Bloomington, IN: Society for Ethnomusicology, 2016.

Originally published in German as “‘Writing against Europe’: Vom notwendigen Verschwinden der Musikethnologie,” Musikforschung 55 (2002): 239-250.


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