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A submission to Ethnomusicology Translations is an email of nomination to Richard Wolf, General Editor (rwolf@fas.harvard.edu). Ethnomusicology Translations seeks nominations of ethnomusicological articles representing a wide range of languages and geographic areas. Any previously published article in a language other than English is eligible for nomination. The email of nomination should briefly outline how an article meets the following three criteria:

1) Includes a clear statement of research questions, goals, and results.

2) Presents unique musical and ethnographic information and/or addresses significant theoretical issues.

3) Represents an approach to scholarship that complements or contrasts that generally contained in English-language publications.

For information on the processing of article nominations and translations, see "Peer Review Process" under "About the Journal." Accepted article translations are prepared in accordance with the manuscript guidelines used for the journal Ethnomusicology.

For more information on Ethnomusicology Translations and other SEM publications, visit the Publications area of the SEM website (www.ethnomusicology.org).