Exploring Approaches to Teaching Bilingual Education in Countries where English is a First Language: A study in East London

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Mohammad Rasel Howlader


The aim of the study is to recognize literacy practices of the ethnic minorities and find suitable teaching approaches in a multilingual context in London. The main research question is: How do the ethnic minorities in London want their heritage languages to be recognized in their mainstream schools? Primary research has been carried out through questionnaires and structured interviews and secondary research has been carried out through analyzing published books and articles. In breaking the silence of the bilingual children, it has been suggested that a post communicative approach would be convenient to teach ethnic minority languages and activities like pair work, group work, role play, brainstorming, multiple choice and filling in the gaps would be suitable in bilingual learning. Results show that bilingual learning can be enhanced through parental support, social media, storytelling by grandparents and the inclusion of a bilingual syllabus in the National Curriculum in England.


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