This is Volume 6 of the Indiana Journal of Earth Sciences (IJES), an open-access journal published once a year by the Indiana Geological and Water Survey at Indiana University. Papers and other materials are published by IJES online as they are accepted and are listed according to their level of review (Editorial, Technical, and Full Peer Review).

Published: 2024-01-02

2024 IGWS calendar

Kristen Wilkins, Polly Sturgeon, Maria Mastalerz, Sara Clifford, Casey Jones, Jennifer Lanman

Atlas of Microscopic Images of Biochar

Using Reflected Light Microscopy in Biochar Characterization

Agnieszka Drobniak, Maria Mastalerz, William W. Knauth, Omid Adarkani, Telma Ataide dos Santos, Valdeci Caio de Faria, Tara Congo, Paul C. Hackley, Javin J. Hatcherian, James C. Hower, Henrik I. Petersen, Julito Reyes, Hamed Sanei