History of the Indiana Geological and Water Survey

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Deborah A. DeChurch


Not an abstract, per se, but the opening paragraph.

The early years of the Survey’s history (1837–1986) is taken, almost verbatim, from an article written by John B. Patton (Director and State Geologist from 1959–86) (Patton, 1988). Information from later years is from various sources: the Hester years from a piece by John R. Hill (IGS Geologist and Assistant Director from 1970 to 2007) and the Steinmetz years from the reminiscences of John C. Steinmetz (Director, 1998–2015). It also includes various facts taken from Landmarks in Indiana Geology—A Timeline, an online visual history by Henry H. Gray. These various pieces were edited and expanded upon by Deborah A. DeChurch (IGWS Editor, 1992–2020), with the assistance of Nancy R. Hasenmueller, Barbara T. Hill, Jenna Lanman, Polly R. Sturgeon, and Todd A. Thompson. We also relied upon the institutional memories of other staff members.


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