The editors of the Philosophy of Music Education Review invite philosophical articles addressing issues related to music education in political contexts. Among this nest of questions are the following: What does democracy depend on? What can music educators do to promote democracy? What “lessons” can be learned from the utilization of music education in the past for authoritarian or democratic purposes? What specific practices in music education promote authoritarian thinking and acting and how can these practices be ameliorated? Which specific theories hold particular promise for understanding the role of music education as an agent of political ideologies and how are they justified or rebutted? Should music education be an agent of political ideologies or should its purpose be apolitical and focused only on musical or artistic ends? Is it possible for musical and artistic purposes to be distinct from political purposes and what should the position of music education be in this regard? What approach should music educators take to policy development in politically-driven environments? How is music education currently affected by current governmental policies? For style and length requirements, please visit the Philosophy of Music Education Review website at: F