The UNHCR Refugee Zakat Fund within Canadian Islamic Philanthropy In the context of Canada

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Mohammed Asaker


Abstract: Since 2019, the UNHCR launched the Refugee Zakat Fund through its Islamic Philanthropy program to help the most vulnerable refugees and internally displaced people globally. Zakat, being one of the pillars of Islam is an obligation imposed among Muslims, which requires them to give a percentage of their wealth to charity, and is allocated to specific categories and recipients.  UNHCR utilizes Islamic Finance tools like Zakat and Sadaqah to meet the humanitarian needs of forcibly displaced people. UNHCR has launched the program in Canada and has connected Muslim Canadians with refugee brothers and sisters globally, by acting as a medium for collecting Zakat. This methodology proofed to be an efficient way to maximize the impact of the Refugee Zakat Fund, by which UNHCR supports the distribution of Zakat in the most challenging places around the world.



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