A Comparison of Nonprofits’ Application of Project Management Practices

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Khaldoun AbouAssi
Nadeen Makhlouf


The article examines how nonprofit organizations apply project management standards. The analysis draws on a study of practices in four purposively selected and compared organizations in the United States and Lebanon. The findings from the case study, indicate that even though some nonprofits apply and follow project management standards, the labeling and framing might be different from what is done in for-profit organizations. The nature of the nonprofit sector’s priorities, activities, and environments (e.g. donor requirements), sometimes necessitates adjusting traditional project management standards, tools, and techniques. It is more important for nonprofits to make their projects transformational, innovative, and flexible rather than to adhere strictly to inflexible, disciplined, and standardized project management practices.

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AbouAssi, K., & Makhlouf, N. (2018). A Comparison of Nonprofits’ Application of Project Management Practices. Journal of Muslim Philanthropy &Amp; Civil Society, 2(2). Retrieved from https://scholarworks.iu.edu/iupjournals/index.php/muslimphilanthropy/article/view/1685