Responses to James Tully’s “Deparochializing Political Theory and Beyond”

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Garrick Cooper
Charles W. Mills
Sudipta Kaviraj
Sor-hoon Tan


In their responses to James Tully’s article “Deparochializing Political Theory and Beyond,” Garrick Cooper, Charles W. Mills, Sudipta Kaviraj and Sor-hoon Tan engage with different aspects of Tully’s “genuine dialogue.” While they seem to concur with Tully on the urgency of deparochializing political theory, their responses bring to light salient issues which would have to be thought through in taking this project forward.

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Cooper, G., Mills, C. W., Kaviraj, S., & Tan, S.- hoon. (2017). Responses to James Tully’s “Deparochializing Political Theory and Beyond”. Journal of World Philosophies, 2(1). Retrieved from