Symposium: Does Cross-Cultural Philosophy Stand in Need of a Hermeneutic Expansion?

Douglas L. Berger, Hans-Georg Moeller, A. Raghuramaraju, Paul A. Roth


Does cross-cultural philosophy stand in need of a hermeneutical expansion? In engaging with this question, the symposium focuses upon methodological issues salient to cross-cultural inquiry. Douglas L. Berger lays out the ground for the debate by arguing for a methodological approach, which is able to rectify the discipline’s colonial legacies and bridge the hermeneutical distance with its objects of study. From their own perspectives, Hans-Georg Moeller, Paul Roth and A. Raghuramaraju analyze whether such a processual and hermeneutically-sensitive approach can indeed open up new hermeneutic horizons. Their responses shed light upon cross-cultural philosophy’s continued embedment in Euroamerican professional philosophy and how the locality of its knowledge-seeking endeavors may indeed have repercussions on attempts to bridge temporal and spatial distances.  


colonialist expansion; cross-cultural philosophy; comparative philosophy; intellectual hegemony; understanding; translation

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