Some Comments on Ada Agada's Philosophy of Consolation

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Emmanuel Ofuasia


Agada’s new book has arrived at a time when contemporary African philosophers are gradually engaging one another’s work and participating actively in system-building. It is based on this “new wave” in contemporary African philosophy scholarship that I provide some critical comments over Agada’s book Consolationism and Comparative Philosophy: Beyond Universalism and Particularism. Whereas the originality and depth of Agada is not in doubt regarding his idea of Mood, the ultimate category of his ontology, I level four objections against the metaphysical system. These shortcomings, I argue, set limits on the ontological framework that can mediate thought, theory, and practice both in Africa and beyond.

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Emmanuel Ofuasia, Lagos State University

Emmanuel Ofuasia is currently a doctoral research student in the Philosophy Department at Lagos State University (LASU), Nigeria. In 2012, Emmanuel Ofuasia bagged a First Class Honors in Philosophy at Lagos State University (LASU). He is a recipient of local and international grants and scholarships. His primary areas research interests are: process-relational metaphysics, African ontology, African philosophy, studies in mysticism and spiritual philosophies, and history and philosophy of physics. At the moment, his research focus is on the process-relational and logic foundation of African ontology.