A Thoughtful and Attentive Analysis of Tradition of Reform in Premodern Islam

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Janis Esots


Ahmad S. Dallal’s book is an informative and easily readable study of the thought of six leading twelfth/eighteenth century Muslim scholars. The author treats these scholars as the representatives of distinct intellectual trends of Islamic thought in the premodern period, while asserting that they belonged to the same thought-world and focused on the value of the present and the study of the ḥadīth. The monograph is a valuable contribution to the subject that is likely to cater to the needs of graduate students.

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Esots, J. (2020). A Thoughtful and Attentive Analysis of Tradition of Reform in Premodern Islam. Journal of World Philosophies, 5(2), 189–192. Retrieved from https://scholarworks.iu.edu/iupjournals/index.php/jwp/article/view/4053
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Janis Esots, The Institute of Ismaili Studies

Janis Esots is Research Associate at the Institute of Ismaili Studies (London, UK) and Associate Professor at the Department of Asian Studies, University of Latvia. His research focuses on Ismaili thought and the so-called “philosophical school of Isfahan” (Mulla Sadra, Mir Damad, and Rajab ‘Ali Tabrizi). He is the managing editor of Encyclopedia Islamica (https://referenceworks.brillonline.com/browse/encyclopaedia-islamica ) and the editor of the Islamic Philosophy Yearbook Ishraq (http://eng.iph.ras.ru/ishraq.htm).