Resistant Epistemologies from the Andes (A Contribution to Latin American Philosophy)

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Omar Rivera


This paper adds to the epistemological contributions of Latin American philosophy. In particular, I propose a “resistant epistemology” informed by contemporary indigenous Andean philosophies and cosmologies. Focusing on the work of María Lugones, Rodolfo Kusch, and Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, I explore ways in which communities are made and remade on the basis of knowledges from below, surviving political and ecological crises, including colonialism and modern development. These kinds of resistive knowledges draw from rituals, quotidian and cosmic rhythms, and affective withdrawals from instrumental and objectifying dispositions.

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Rivera, O. (2020). Resistant Epistemologies from the Andes (A Contribution to Latin American Philosophy). Journal of World Philosophies, 5(1), 76–88. Retrieved from
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Omar Rivera, Southwestern University

Omar Rivera, PhD, is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Southwestern University. He writes on Latin American and Latinx philosophy, Indigenous philosophies from Latin America, and continental philosophy. He is the author of Delimitations of Latin American Philosophy: Beyond Redemption (Indiana University Press: 2019).