Inside Out: Pleasure in Chinese Intellectual Traditions

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Ann A. Pang-White


What is the role of pleasure in Chinese intellectual traditions? Do Chinese thinkers shun all desire for pleasure? Contrary to received opinion, The Chinese Pleasure Book illustrates and argues that early Chinese thinkers across traditions, from the fourth century BCE to the eleventh century CE, all assume that pleasure-seeking and pleasure-taking are part of the human condition and that it is right to engage in such actions. The volume is an ambitious project and Nylan has done a superb job.

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Ann A. Pang-White

Ann A. Pang-White is a Professor of Philosophy and Director of Asian Studies at the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania. She is also the deputy director in America of the International Society for Chinese Philosophy. Her research interests include Chinese philosophy, late ancient and early medieval philosophy, and comparative philosophy. She has authored and edited two books and many articles. Her most recent publications include the edited book Bloomsbury Research Handbook in Chinese Philosophy and Gender (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2016), “The Breakdown of a Society,” Philosophy East and West (2018), and The Confucian Four Books for Women (Oxford University Press, 2018).