Toward a Re-Orientation of Comparative Studies

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Hirotako Nakano


Comparative studies between Latin America and Asia can be productive if they reflect the structural necessities based on history and geopolitics that these regions have experienced in relation to the western countries since the nineteenth century. These non-western regions have developed themselves in a parallel way without direct communication with each other. Stephanie Rivera Berruz and Leah Kalmanson detect this parallelism precisely and sketch a possible productivity of this new area. This book serves as a starting point for further studies.

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Hirotako Nakano

Hirotaka Nakano is associate professor of philosophy at Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, Japan. He did his PhD in Philosophy at the Nacional Autonomous University of Mexico in 2008. Some of his recent publications are: “La teoría de la auto-affección de Kant,” 2011; “Is there Japanese/Latin American Philosophy?”, Tetsugaku 1, (2017): 140-54; “Toward a Redefinition of Japanese Philosophy,” Tetsugaku 3, forthcoming. His Japanese publications can be found under: report_kenkyu_naiyo_2