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Adam Loughnane


John Maraldo’s Crossing Paths with Nishida assembles the life’s work of one of the leading voices in Nishida scholarship. Spanning over three decades, this brilliant collection of essays charts the path not just of Nishida’s philosophy, but also the path of deep inquiry of one of his most incisive commentators. In thirteen insightful essays, each reprinted with a new introduction by the author, Maraldo delves into the most critical issues in Nishida scholarship while rendering his philosophy germane to a host of contemporary issues, such as environmentalism, nationalism, cognitive science, and phenomenology. A variety of systematic topics are explored, ranging from Nishida’s notions of “absolute nothingness” (zettai mu) and “enactive intuition” (kōiteki chokkan) to questions of religion, politics, and Nishida’s relation to Heidegger. This volume is essential reading for the specialist and for any reader with an interest in the most important thinker of the Kyoto School of Japanese philosophy.

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Adam Loughnane

Adam Loughnane is Assistant Professor in Philosophy at University College Cork, where his research focuses on phenomenology and aesthetics in an east-west inter-cultural framework. He is the author of Merleau-Ponty and Nishida: Artistic Expression as Motor-Perceptual Faith (SUNY 2019).