Panentheism(s): What It Is and Is Not

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Raphael Lataster
Purushottama Bilimoria


There has been much written of late on the topic of panentheism. Dissatisfied with many contemporary descriptions of “panentheism” and the related “pantheism,” which we feel arise out of theistic presuppositions, we produce our own definition of sorts, rooted in and paying respect to the term’s etymology and the concept’s roots in Indian religion and western philosophy. Furthermore, we consider and comment on the arguments and comments concerning panentheism’s definition and plausibility put forth by Göcke, Mullins, and Nickel.

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Lataster, R., & Bilimoria, P. (2018). Panentheism(s): What It Is and Is Not. Journal of World Philosophies, 3(2), 49-64. Retrieved from
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Raphael Lataster

Raphael Lataster is a casual lecturer and research assistant in the Studies in Religion Department at the University of Sydney. A de facto naturalist, Lataster largely focuses on the improbability of classical theism and the relative plausibility of alternatives such as the naturalisms, the polytheisms, the alternative monotheisms (including the deisms), and the pantheisms (including the pandeisms and panentheisms).

Purushottama Bilimoria

Purushottama Bilimoria holds posts at numerous universities, and, among other things, edits the Sophia journal and the Sophia Studies in Cross-cultural Philosophy of Traditions and Culture book series.