JSS 26.2 Now Available


The editors of Jewish Social Studies are pleased to announce the publication of issue 26.2, with the following articles:

– Jewish Midwives, Wise Women, and the Construction of Medical-Halakhic Expertise in the Eighteenth Century, Jordan R. Katz

– “So That If One Dies”: The Narrative of the Replacement Child in Israeli Literature, Dana Olmert

– A Bridge or a Fortress? S. D. Goitein and the Role of Jewish Arabists in the American Academy,  Hanan Harif

– Jewishness, Gender, and Sexual Violence in Early Nineteenth-Century Frankfurt am Main: An Intersectional Microhistory, Vera Kallenberg

– Conflicted Anagoge: The Renewal of Jewish Textuality in Haskalah Rhetoric, Amir Banbaji