Focus and Scope


A double-blind, peer-reviewed academic publication, Antisemitism Studies provides the leading forum for scholarship on the millennial phenomenon of antisemitism, both its past and present manifestations. Published semiannually by Indiana University Press, and multidisciplinary and international in scope, the journal serves as a forum for a variety of perspectives on, and interpretations of, the problem of antisemitism and its impact on society. 

Each issue is composed of a brief introduction by the editor and a selection of scholarly articles and reviews of significant new books published on the subject.


Peer Review Process


Antisemitism Studies employs a double-blind peer review process, which protects the identities of both the author(s) and the reviewers to ensure a confidential and unbiased evaluation of all work submitted for publication. Our referees have expertise in their areas of review and are therefore indispensable to our work as they help us maintain a rigorous standard of scholarship.