Africa Today accepts book reviews authored by scholars at PhD candidate level or higher. If you are interested in reviewing a book listed in Books Available or another Africa-related book published within the last two years, please contact the Book Review Editor using the email address provided below, accompanied by a current CV. We encourage suggestions for review essays that treat more than one new publication.


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Submitting a Book Review

Please note that the journal’s online submission system is the only acceptable means of submitting a book review. Book reviews submitted directly to the editorial office or to the Book Review Editor will not be considered. When submitting your book review manuscript, please add the words [BOOK REVIEW] in the title text box. 

Unsolicited book reviews are submitted at the author’s own risk, with no promise of publication. 

Book reviews should be 500–1000 words long, with specific parameters assigned by the Book Review Editor.

Preface your book review with a citation in the following style:

BOOK REVIEW of Gifford, Paul. 1998. African Christianity: Its Public Role. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 368 pp. $39.95 (cloth), $22.95 (paper).

Please include your name and institutional affiliation at the foot of your review. On all issues of style and format, see the Author Guidelines for Submissions to Africa Today.


Information for Publishers

If you would like to send us a book to add to our Books Available list, please use the following address:

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