Issue 70.3, Spring 2024, of Africa Today has now been published in print and on Project Muse



“Doing Being a Father”: Ethnographic Perspectives on Intimate Fathering as Identity Work in Côte d’Ivoire

Konstanze N’Guessan

Consider the Base for Representation at the Top: Political Parties and Women’s Parliamentary Representation in Ghana’s Fourth Republic

Michael Amoako Addae, Rosina Foli

Disobeying Monoversal Literary Canonism: Africanizing Global Literature and Globalizing African Literature

Hassan Mbiydzenyuy Yosimbom

Students’ and Governments’ Entanglements in Ghana’s Political Transition: How (Not) to Understand Students’ Relations with Civilian and Military Regimes, 1960–92

Eugenia A. B. Anderson, George M. Bob-Milliar, Samuel Adu-Gyamfi, Sebastian A. Paalo

Students of the World: Global 1968 and Decolonization in the Congo by Pedro Monaville (review)

Emily Hardick

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