Issue 69.4 of Africa Today has now been published in print and on Project Muse. 



"Factors Influencing the Adoption of Municipal Public-Private Partnerships in Water-Infrastructure Projects in South Africa"
Thulani Mandiriza, David Johannes Fourie

"Paradoxes of Patrimony: Family Planning, Youth Volunteering, and Becoming 'Big' in Uganda"
Jeroen Lorist, Eileen Moyer

"Two Sides of the Coin: An Autoethnographic Analysis of a North-South Science Collaboration"
Olayinka Osuolale, Babasola Fateye

"Anglophone Conflict, New Institutions, and Women's Access to Political Power in Cameroon"
Melinda Adams, Lotsmart Fonjong

"The Egyptian-Ethiopian Dispute over the Nile: Lessons from the Past for Future African Peace and Prosperity"
Abeer Youssef, Victoria J. Mabin, Bronwyn Howell

"Resilience and Livelihood Diversification in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case of Smallholder Farmers in Goromonzi District, Zimbabwe"
Clement Chipenda

In Dialogue
Anne-Maria Makhulu

Book Review:

Learning Morality, Inequalities, and Faith: Christian and Muslim Schools in Tanzania by Hansjörg Dilger (review)
Mara A. Leichtman


Enjoy your read!