Issue 69.3 has now been published in print and on Project Muse. ARTICLES

Populism as African Fascism? Examining the Economic Freedom Fighters in Postapartheid South Africa

Christi van der Westhuizen


It's Only a Matter of Hope: Rethinking Migration Decision-Making in Contemporary Senegal; Among Lived Immobilities, Development Interventions, and Social Inequalities

Guido Nicolas Zingari, Bruno Riccio, Papa Sakho, Dramane Cissokho


Regime Types, Regime Identities, and African Foreign Policies

John F. Clark


The Impact of Institutions on the Salt Sector in Ghana

Alhassan Atta-Quayson


Corporate Responsibility in South Africa: Limited Success, Unfulfilled Promise

Olufemi Babarinde, Stephen Wright


The Hippocratic Oath, Illness, and Metaphors of Politics in Margaret Ogola's I Swear by Apollo

Charles Kipng'eno Rono



Why Digital Health Literacy Matters in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa: How Bridging the Digital Health Literacy Gap Could Improve Access to Health Services and Social Equality

Ismaila Ouedraogo, Roland Benedikter, Borlli Michel Jonas Some, Gayo Diallo



Life Expectancy in Africa: Improving Public Health Policy by Augustine Adu Frimpong (review)

Patrick Chukwudike Okpalaeke


Familiarity Is the Kingdom of the Lost or Tshotsholoza by Dugmore Boetie (review)

Riti Sharma