Issue 69.1/2 has now been published in print and on Project Muse. It is a special double issue, Rethinking Refuge: Processes of Refuge Seeking in Africa, guest edited by Marcia Schenck and George Njung.


Rethinking Refuge: Processes of Refuge Seeking in Africa; An Introduction

George N. Njung, Marcia C. Schenck


Refugees in the Imperial Order of Things: Citizen, Subject, and Polish Refugees in Africa (1942–50)

Jochen Lingelbach

Apartheid South Africa's Reaction to Congo's White Refuge Seekers, 1960–61

Lazlo Passemiers

Entangled Paths through Different Times: Refugees in and from the African Horn

Magnus Treiber

Historical Complexities and Transformations of Refugee Policies in Kenya and Tanzania

Rose Jaji

Playing Politics: The Saga of the Biafran Child Refugees in Gabon and Côte d'Ivoire during the Nigerian Civil War, 1967–70

George N. Njung

A Different Class of Refugee: University Scholarships and Developmentalism in Late 1960s Africa

Marcia C. Schenck

Kakuma Refugee Camp: Pseudopermanence in Permanent Transience

Gerawork Teferra

The Invisibles on Their Way into the Unknown: Diasporic Wounds of Migrants and Refugees from the Horn of Africa to the Arabian Peninsula

Muna Omar

Additional Articles

The Committee and the Uncommitted: Material Assistance to Members in Need at a Pentecostal Church in Western Kenya

Yonatan N. Gez, Lena Kroeker

Globalization and the African Praise-Poet: The Example of Ọụbẹbẹ Kẹnị Ịzọn Ibe (The Chief Oral Poet of the Ịzọn Nation)

Imomotimi Armstrong

In the Now

On Tradition, Symbolism, and (South) Afrikanness in Fashion Design: A Conversation with Laduma Ngxokolo

Bruce Cadle

Book Reviews

Understanding Contemporary Africa ed. by Peter J. Schraeder

Yusuf Sholeye

Brazil–Africa Relations: Historical Dimensions and Contemporary Engagements from the 1960s to the Present ed. by Gerhard Seibert and Paulo Fagundes Visentini 

Felipe Antonio Honorato

Mozambique's Samora Machel: A Life Cut Short by Allen F. Isaacman and Barbara S. Isaacman

Silas Fiorotti