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cloud (2)
Cloud Computing (1)
cloud computing (5)
Cloud computing; Virtual machines; OpenStack; Long tail of science; National Science Foundation. (1)
cloud, high performance computing, XSEDE, science and engineering research, NSF, virtual machines, on demand (1)
cloud, workforce development, biology, earth science, Globus tools, virtual machines, science, engineering, NSF, on-demand (1)
cloud, workforce development, Globus tools, virtual machines (5)
CLSD (1)
clsd (1)
cluster (1)
Cluster Management, computational science education, systems administration education, campus bridging, sysadmin training, cluster training, cluster system software, cluster packaging, open source clusters, XSEDE, Rocks, rolls, cluster, Linux, RedHat, CentOS, rpm, yum, campus, bridging, research, LittleFe (1)
collaboration (3)
computational biology (1)
computational science (1)
computational thinking (1)
computing (1)
Congress, NIT, cyberinfrastructure, funding, workforce development, STEM, PCAST (1)
cost benefit analysis, high performance computing, scientific computing, supercomputing (1)
Cray (1)
cray (1)
crystallography (1)
cybeinfrastructure, Indiana University, high performance computing, strategic asset (1)
Cyberinfrastructure (1)
cyberinfrastructure (20)
cyberinfrastructure, Big Red II, Data Capacitor II, IU School of Medicine, IU Clinical Affairs Schools, Research Technologies, ABITC, UITS (2)
cyberinfrastructure, campus bridging, grids, XSEDE, Operaton IceBridge, big data, cloud computing, CAVE, virtual reality, gateways, scientific workflows, visualization, citizen science, eScience, disaster resilience (1)
cyberinfrastructure, research technologies, pervasive technology institute, network operations, polar science, high performance computing, campus bridging, clouds, Jetstream, XSEDE (1)
cyberinfrastructure, research technologies, strategy, IU IT history (1)
cyberinfrastructure, research technologies, VM, self-provisioned, cloud, Linux, Globus, iPlant, Galaxy, science, engineering (1)
cyberinfrastructure, research, workflows, software, national (1)
cyberinfrastructure, strategic asset, university mission (1)
cyberinfrastructure, strategy, research, (1)

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