Stratigraphy of the West Franklin Limestone Member (Pennsylvanian) in Posey County, Indiana

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Indiana Geological & Water Survey


The West Franklin Limestone Member, which marks the top of the Shelburn Formation (Desmoinesian, Pennsylvanian) in Indiana, consists of one to three benches of limestone and intervening shale and siltstone beds and ranges in thickness from 5 to 30 feet. Each bench appears to represent a discrete depositional event. In many of those places where the West Franklin can be shown to be missing from its usual stratigraphic position it is a result of nondeposition, probably reflecting topographic irregularity of the sea floor. Absence of the limestone in other places is a result of minor penecontemporaneous erosion, succeeded by deposition of the Inglefield Sandstone Member of the Patoka Formation (Missourian).



West Franklin Limestone Member, Stratigraphy, Pennsylvanian, Posey County


Gray, H. H., 2011, Stratigraphy of the West Franklin Limestone Member (Pennsylvanian) in Posey County, Indiana: Indiana Geological Survey Special Report 70, 15 p., 10 pls., 8 figs. doi: 10.5967/bcke-3164

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