Stories about Stories: Life Story Collecting as Commemoration and Social Activism

dc.contributor.advisorMcDowell, Johnen
dc.contributor.advisorCarpenter, Intaen
dc.contributor.authorAkerbergs, Ilzeen
dc.descriptionThesis (PhD) - Indiana University, Folklore and Ethnomusicology, 2007en
dc.description.abstractThe oral life-story is a flexible genre that allows one to connect the private with the public world. It is a window that allows the world to catch a glimpse of the personal experiences and values of the ordinary person. The representations of self and the past that are embodied in life-stories can be used as tools by researchers and activists for larger agendas that create meanings in culture and society. This dissertation deals with two different ways life-story collecting has served two different objectives. Mara in Latvia has created a "master story" that fills and commemorates the "silenced gaps" in Latvian history left by its fifty years under Soviet rule; Karen in Brazil has created a "master story" that works for social change and embraces the diversity of Brazil and the world. Through analysis of Mara's and Karen's own life-stories and the products they have produced, this study examines the "master story" each has created from the many life-stories told to them, against the cultural and political backdrop of Latvia and Brazil.en
dc.publisher[Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana Universityen
dc.subjectLife storyen
dc.subject.classificationFolklore (0358)en
dc.titleStories about Stories: Life Story Collecting as Commemoration and Social Activismen
dc.typeDoctoral Dissertationen
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