Exploring Relationship Dynamics of Community-Campus Partnerships

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There is a need for faculty and institutions to establish a stronger knowledge-base and more supportive structures that ensure community engagement initiatives are effective while also being equitable and authentic for all partners. The purpose of this project was to begin exploring partnership values to identify descriptors that serve as enacting values in which partners can act upon to set up a strong foundation and identify partnership strengths and areas for improvement. The authors explored existing research on how to foster specific partnership values, finding 55 articles and identifying 75 descriptors about enacting partnership values. Five categories of enacting values were identified from a thematic analysis of the descriptors: partnership foundation building, decision-making and flow of input, power distribution, mutual engagement, and multidimensional and multi-beneficial outcomes. The broader perceived values, types of relationships, and descriptors within categories were used to create a tool for reflection, discussion, and advocacy for partnership growth and development. This tool can assist those in community-campus partnerships to create strong partnerships and assess their needs to facilitate discussions between partners, and with institutions/organizations, and external groups who can provide professional development, resources, or assistance.


Presented at the Community-Engaged Alliance Summit and Research Symposium




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