Cycles of Social Reform: Is the Current Anti-Alcohol Movement Cresting?

dc.contributor.authorEngs, Ruth Clifforden
dc.descriptionRelated articles on American Prohibition cycles and alcohol control policies, origins of drinking patterns and attitudes in western Europe from antiquity and the influence of the Roman Empire, its continued influence on modern society including, attitudes and beverage preferences due to religion, climate, and European homeland can be found at the following IUScholarWorks links: ;;;;;;;
dc.description.abstractA letter to the editor proposing that signs suggest a cresting of the anti-alcohol movement and that prohibition of alcohol for those under 21 has done little to decrease negative drinking behaviors.en
dc.identifier.citationEngs, Ruth C. (1997) “Cycles of Social Reform: Is the Current Anti-Alcohol Movement Cresting?” Journal of Studies on Alcohol. 58(2):223-224. Retrieved from IUScholarWorks Repository:
dc.publisherJournal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugsen
dc.rightsThis work is licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. For permission to reuse this work for commercial purposes, please contact Dr. Ruth Engs or the IU Archives.en
dc.titleCycles of Social Reform: Is the Current Anti-Alcohol Movement Cresting?en
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