Effects of abandoned mine land reclamation on ground and surface water quality: Research and case histories from Indiana

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Indiana Geological & Water Survey


"This volume of thirteen papers presents the results of research investigating the impacts on ground and surface water of diverse reclamation practices designed to clean up abandoned coal mine sites in Indiana. Reclamation activities in Indiana’s abandoned mine lands during the past 20 years have provided numerous opportunities to gauge the effectiveness of various remediation designs and to conduct field experiments to quantify the impact of these efforts on water quality and hydrology. Studies conducted at Indiana AML sites and controlled experiments performed in the laboratory simulating these sites have produced considerable data and provided important insights into what processes are effective in converting barren land to productive uses and reducing the outflow of acid mine drainage that leaches toxic metals from mine refuse and overburden, sterilizes downstream water bodies, and contaminates down-gradient aquifers. This volume gathers under one cover the information learned and the insights gained during the past two decades by researchers at the Indiana Geological Survey and their colleagues who have studied the natural processes and environmental impacts of Indiana’s abandoned mine lands reclamation program. The book is a must for those working in coal mine reclamation, as well as useful for teachers and students studying the environmental impacts of mining."



Mining, Ground water, Water quality, Mine Reclamation


Comer, J. B, ed., 2012, Effects of abandoned mine land reclamation on ground and surface water quality--research and case histories from Indiana: Indiana Geological Survey Special Report 72, 351 p., 186 figs. doi: 10.5967/dcde-5v64

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