Introduction: Pullman-Standard Railroad Car Manufacturing Company Personnel Records—Personnel Record Series

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Indiana University Northwest. Calumet Regional Archives


Thousands of employees living in and around northwest Indiana and Chicago contributed to the success of the Pullman-Standard Railroad Car Manufacturing Company at their Hammond, Michigan City and Chicago locations. Since employees routinely transferred within the Pullman-Standard plants located in Indiana and Illinois, information on a particular employee may be scattered between sources in Indiana and in Illinois. This index of employee names was created from the original personnel cards housed at Indiana University Northwest’s Calumet Regional Archives from the Indiana locations. Although the records are not complete from the Michigan City plant for the entire period from 1912 to the 1970’s, there may be information that will assist researchers with finding key details of a family member. The Hammond Pullman plant was merged with the Haskell Barker Company of Michigan City in 1922.



Calumet Region (Ill. and Ind.), Hammond (Ind.), Haskell & Barker Car Company, Lake County (Ind.), Michigan City (Ind.), Pullman Railroad Company, Pullman-Standard Car Manufacturing Company


McShane, S. (2015). Introduction: Pullman-standard railroad car manufacturing company personnel records—personnel record series. Calumet Regional Archives, John W. Anderson Library, Indiana University Northwest, Gary, IN.


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