Globular cluster systems of spiral and S0 galaxies: Results from WIYN imaging of NGC1023, NGC1055, NGC7332, and NGC7339

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We present results from a study of the globular cluster (GC) systems of four spiral and S0 galaxies imaged as part of an ongoing wide-field survey of the GC systems of giant galaxies. The target galaxies - the SB0 galaxy NGC1023, the SBb galaxy NGC1055, and an isolated pair comprised of the Sbc galaxy NGC7339 and the S0 galaxy NGC7332 - were observed in BVR filters with the WIYN 3.5m telescope and Minimosaic camera. For two of the galaxies, we combined the WIYN imaging with previously published data from the $\textit{Hubble Space Telescope}$ and the Keck Observatory to help characterize the GC distribution in the central few kiloparsecs. We determine the radial distribution (surface density of GCs versus projected radius) of each galaxy's GC system and use it to calculate the total number of GCs ($N_{GC}$). We find $N_{GC}$ = 490 ± 30, 210 ± 40, 175 ± 15, and 75 ± 10 for NGC1023, NGC1055, NGC7332, and NGC7339, respectively. We also calculate the GC specific frequency (N GC normalized by host galaxy luminosity or mass) and find values typical of those of the other spiral and E/S0 galaxies in the survey. The two lenticular galaxies have sufficient numbers of GC candidates for us to perform statistical tests for bimodality in the GC color distributions. We find evidence at a high confidence level (>95%) for two populations in the $B - R$ distribution of the GC system of NGC1023. We find weaker evidence for bimodality (>81% confidence) in the GC color distribution of NGC7332. Finally, we identify eight GC candidates that may be associated with the Magellanic dwarf galaxy NGC1023A, which is a satellite of NGC1023.
galaxies: dwarf, galaxies: elliptical and lenticular, cD, galaxies: formation, galaxies: individual (NGC 7332, NGC 1055, NGC 1023, NGC 1023A, NGC 7339), galaxies: spiral, galaxies: star clusters: general
Young, M. D., Dowell, J. L., & Rhode, K. L. (2012). Globular cluster systems of spiral and S0 galaxies: Results from WIYN imaging of NGC1023, NGC1055, NGC7332, and NGC7339. Astronomical Journal, 144(4), 103.
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