Directory of Coal Mines and Producers in Indiana–2002

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Indiana Geological & Water Survey
The Directory of Coal Mines and Producers in Indiana–2002 is a compilation of information related to actively permitted coal mines and producers in Indiana. For 20 years, the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) has published similar directories as a service to clients interested in coal, including property owners, environmental consultants, coal companies, potential investors, coal consumers, and regulatory agencies. This directory includes index maps of the Illinois Basin and southwestern Indiana, as well as county overview maps and coal production tables for each county having mines with active permits. In addition, a detailed map of each mine shows mined-out areas, as well as locations of active pits, mine offices, and local roads. Detailed maps of each mine are accompanied by tabular information including mine location, mine type, operation dates, mining status, coals mined, ownership information, contact personnel, addresses, phone numbers, and production data. Mine data were collected from coal companies and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Reclamation (DOR) between March and November 2001. This directory contains information related to mines that were active or idle, permit bonded, or in reclamation during that time. The currentness of mined-out areas shown in the detailed mine maps varies and is listed for each map. Coal company personnel and governmental regulatory staff provided the majority of the source information for the maps, graphs, and tables. Every effort was made to include data that are as accurate, current, and complete as possible. Because Indiana’s coal mining industry is constantly changing, it is likely that some mine ownership or contact information will soon be out of date. Please help us remain current by forwarding corrections or changes to the Coal and Industrial Minerals Section of the Indiana Geological Survey, phone: 812-855-2687.
Indiana Geological Survey Directory 12-02
Coal, Coal Industry, Coal Mines, Coal Mining, Economic Geology, Indiana, Southwestern Indiana
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