Take Charge of Your Scholarly Narrative: Using Metrics and Altmetrics to Demonstrate Impact

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Demonstrating impact is a key component of academic promotion and tenure. Academic Research Offices, Employers, and Granting Agencies are increasingly turning to online profiles and research metrics as indicators of faculty contribution, productivity, and impact. This workshop puts research metrics and altmetrics in context, including: Strategies to manage your digital profiles and increase visibility of your work; How common research metrics are calculated and used, their benefits and limitations; and Hands-on practice using metrics, altmetrics, and qualitative indicators to demonstrate the value of your work. The workshop exercises (see https://guides.libraries.indiana.edu/Metrics) provide opportunities to evaluate the types of work you feel are the most important and valuable, and how to highlight such work while going through the promotion and tenure process.


Workshop presented at IU Libraries on November 19, 2019. Access the associated survey at: https://iu.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5inBA88xqYQo8Qt.




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