Seventh Annual Report of the Geological Survey of Indiana

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Indianapolis, IN: Sentinel Company, Printers
Agricultural properties of soils, Analysis of soils, Archeological remains, Bedford Limestone, Clay County Indiana, Clifty Creek, Coal measures, Conglomerate rocks, Conostichus, Crinoids, Eel River, Fish farming, Flora of the Wabash River Valley, Fossils found in argillaceous limestone, Fossils found in Indiana lakes, Fossils found in the Keokuk Limestone, French Lick Springs, Glacial epoch, Huntington County Indiana, Iron ores, Jennings County Indiana, Kankakee River, Karst topography, Lake surveys, Lakes of Indiana, Lost River, Marine fossils in coal measures, Merom Sandstone, Mineral Springs, Mines in Vigo County, Montgomery County Indiana, Moraines, New Albany Black Shale, Niagara epoch, North Vernon Limestone, Orange County Indiana, Outcrops in Clay County, Owen County Indiana, Paleophycus, Patoka River, Properties of coals, Putnam County Indiana, Quaternary geology, Quick-lime, Rattlesnake Creek, Ripley County Indiana, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Scientific methods for coal analysis, Sinkholes, Soil analysis, Spangler’s Hill, St. Louis Limestone, Sugar Creek, Terre Haute Indiana, Tufa, Valleys, Vanderburg County Indiana, Vigo County Indiana, Wabash River, Wabash Valley, West Baden Springs, White River
Cox, E.T., et al. (1876). Seventh Annual Report of the Geological Survey of Indiana. Indianapolis, IN: Sentinel Company, Printers.
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