Book Review: How America was Tricked on Tax Policy:

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Seattle Journal for Social Justice


In this well-argued and persuasive book Professor Bogenschneider dismantles much of the dogma of US tax policy. The crux of Bogenschneider’s argument is a discussion of 11 deceptions in tax policy ranging from (#1) the idea that tax cuts for the wealthy will cause economic growth, to (#7) the idea that workers don’t pay taxes because the income tax rates are progressive, to (#11) the idea that tax cuts for large corporations will cause a decrease in the prices of consumer goods. Notably, the other 8 deceptions not listed are of such significance and worthy of discussion on their own merits and to not mention of them here feels like leaving a suitcase or child behind on the platform in the train station. This intense feeling of the significance and novelty of Bogenschneider’s argumentation, and the ease with which it is presented, is an argument to read the book. Perhaps an important further point of introduction is that in the title Bogenschneider refers to the tricking of America, yet make no mistake, this is a book of international tax law and policy.



tax policy, sustained economic growth, tax research, social costs, wage taxation, book review, non neutrality, business tax system, small buisness, corporate inversion, automation, robot tax, tax reduction from automation, basic income guarantee, scarcity



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