Diversity Residency Toolkit

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ACRL Residency Interest Group
Although many factors contribute to a resident’s experience with their host institution, the lack of established standards and best practices for diversity residencies has led to a wide disparity of resident experiences. In order to reduce this disparity, the Diversity Residency Toolkit was developed to improve diversity residency programs through the tenets of responsible commitments, intentional planning, and responsive assessment that begin far in advance of a resident’s arrival.3 The Diversity Residency Toolkit has broad applications and is suitable for institutions that already have a residency program and as well as those who are considering developing a residency program. It may be used by current and prospective residents, residency coordinators, supervisors, library administrators, and other stakeholders of diversity residency programs. Although the toolkit is intended for diversity residencies hosted at academic institutions, it may be adapted for non-diversity residencies as well as non-academic organizations such as museums, public libraries, business libraries and archives, etc. Interested parties may complete the form at https://bit.ly/DivToolkit to participate.
DEI, Diversity, Residency, Diversity Residency, Post-Master's Degree training
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