Material Vernaculars: Objects, Images, and Their Social Worlds

dc.contributor.authorJackson, Jason Bairden
dc.description.abstractThe role of objects and images in everyday life are illuminated incisively in Material Vernaculars, which combines historical, ethnographic, and object-based methods across a diverse range of material and visual cultural forms. The contributors to this volume offer revealing insights into the significance of such practices as scrapbooking, folk art produced by the elderly, the wedding coat in Osage ceremonial exchanges, temporary huts built during the Jewish festival of Sukkot, and Kiowa women's traditional roles in raiding and warfare. While emphasizing local vernacular culture, the contributors point to the ways that culture is put to social ends within larger social networks and within the stream of history. While attending to the material world, these case studies explicate the manner in which the tangible and intangible, the material and the meaningful, are constantly entwined and co-constituted.en
dc.description.tableofcontentsMaterial Vernaculars: An Introduction / Jason Baird Jackson 1. Searching for Home in the Ephemeral Architecture of the Sukkah / Gabrielle A. Berlinger 2. (Not) Going Public: Mediating Reception and Managing Visibility in Contemporary Scrapbook Performance / Danille Elise Christensen 3. Depictions of Women and Warfare in Kiowa Drawings from Fort Marion: Reassessing Nineteenth Century Kiowa Gender Roles / Michael Paul Jordan 4. Life-Story Objects: Folk Art and Aging in Indiana / Jon Kay 5. Chiefs, Brides, and Drum Keepers: Material Culture, Ceremonial Exchange, and Osage Community Life / Daniel C. Swan and Jim Cooley List of Contributors Indexen
dc.publisherIndiana University Pressen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesMaterial Vernaculars;2en
dc.titleMaterial Vernaculars: Objects, Images, and Their Social Worldsen
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