Considering Culturally-Relevant Practices and Knowledge-Sharing when Creating an Activity-Promoting Community Research Agenda

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The purpose of the article is to discuss and reflect upon a process of building relationships and conducting community consultations to co-create a relevant community-based participatory research agenda exploring Indigenous youth activity-promoting programming. Four consultations were conducted with approximately 30 community members in Edmonton, Alberta to relevantly and respectfully engage Indigenous Peoples and community members in discussions about Indigenous youth activity-promoting programming. A research question was created from the community consultations to inform relevant knowledge generation. A research agenda was also created with community members to inform future community engagement in the research. We reflect upon our process and discuss the strengths, challenges, and recommendations of incorporating culturally-relevant practices and sharing knowledge within and outside of the community group. This work contributes to literature enhancing relevant and respectful methodological and relational research practices with Indigenous Peoples and communities.


This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Sport, Education and Society on January 11, 2016, available online:


Indigenous youth, physical activity, community-based participatory research, health, community consultation


Coppola, A. M., & McHugh, T. F. (2018). Considering culturally relevant practices and knowledge-sharing when creating an activity-promoting community research agenda. Sport, Education & Society, 23(1), 14-27. doi:10.1080/13573322.2015.1129942

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