Promoting student success: What business leaders can do

dc.contributor.authorLovett, C. M.
dc.description.abstractMore than any other group of stakeholders, business leaders are aware that this country's ability to remain competitive in a global, technology-based economy is ever more closely tied to its ability to produce more and better prepared college graduates. Graduating more students from various backgrounds who are well prepared to meet the social, civic and economic challenges of the future is a national priority. Every college and university can improve its graduation rates and enhance the quality of its undergraduate programs by creating the conditions that matter to student success. Decades of research studies show that student engagement--the time and effort that students devote to their studies and related activities--is a key factor in student success. The Documenting Effective Educational Practice (DEEP) project gathered data from 20 very different institutions of higher learning whose student scores on the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) were higher than what was predicted on the basis of their student and institutional profile, history, and other factors.en
dc.publisherIndiana University Center for Postsecondary Researchen
dc.subjectDeep learningen
dc.titlePromoting student success: What business leaders can doen


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