Inventory of Rock, Mineral, Fossil and Archaeological Specimens contained in storage in Attic of Workingmen's Institute, New Harmony, Indiana

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Indiana University and Indiana Geological Survey
This inventory represents a rough listing of the contents of 67 boxes of packed specimens and one cabinet at the Workingmen's Institute in New Harmony, Indiana that was accomplished in two days. The identifications are based on work by the authors as well as identifications from old labels. Thus some of the names may be out of date, and the listings may be somewhat whimsical in matters of punctuation and capitalization. At the time it was prepared, boxes 1-31 were in the East room of the Attic and Boxes 32-67 were in the West Attic. The authors believe that the bulk of the materials inventoried are from the E.T. Cox collection. The collection also includes numerous small donations from residents in the New Harmony area and large collections of Caldwell, James Sampson and Thomas Say. At the time of the inventory, the items in the Cox Collection were packed in newspapers dating from 1879-1882. The papers were from Tucson, Arizona, Cincinnati, Ohio and Indiana. Many of the fresh-water clams were labeled with the location but not the date.
Rock Collections, Rocks and Deposits, Mineral Collections, Minerals, Fossil Collections, Fossils, Archaeological Collections, Archaeology, Workingmen's Institute, New Harmony, Indiana
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