eTexts and Ham: The Scholar’s Book Fair

dc.contributor.authorSouth, Beth
dc.contributor.authorMcFadden, Sue
dc.contributor.authorShao, Zihang
dc.description.abstractNutrition Information: Similar to Scholastic Book Fairs, which were carnival-like events that created an exciting environment for children to engage with books and reading, the Scholar’s Book Fair is designed to do the same with getting faculty excited about affordable content and digital technologies such as eTexts, OERs, Pressbooks, virtual reality, and underutilized library resources. Faculty are able to drop in to the event at any time, visit the different stations devoted to a certain platform, and collect “scholar dollars” from each station, which they then exchange for prizes and a raffle drawing.en
dc.description.sponsorshipAssociation of College and Research Librariesen
dc.identifier.citationBuljung, B., & Bongiovanni, E. (Eds.). (2021). The scholarly communications cookbook. Association of College and Research Libraries.en
dc.publisherAssociation of College and Research Librariesen
dc.subjectOpen Educational Resourcesen
dc.titleeTexts and Ham: The Scholar’s Book Fairen
dc.title.alternativeThe Scholarly Communications Cookbook, Section II: Open Educational Resourcesen
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Section II-Open Educational Resources, e-Texts and Ham
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