Introduction to Molecular Biology

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Introduction to Molecular Biology is a textbook curated from open-source materials for BIOL-L211- a core course required for students majoring in biology at Indiana University Bloomington. Students enrolled in this course have completed college-level introductory biology and chemistry. The text is tailored for a flipped/hybrid format and serves as the primary source of learning material before a class meeting. Following Universal Design for Learning principles, multiple means of representation are provided for students to engage with the content. The textbook includes links to lecture videos, other digital content, resources for extended learning, and interactive self-check exercises. Concepts in Context are interwoven within the text and provide students an opportunity to see the application of molecular biology principles even when not apparent! This document is intended to be a living text and will be updated organically as time permits. Planned updates include the addition of chapters on common topics not included in the current version.
Biology, Life sciences, Molecular biology, Biotechnology, Recombinant DNA
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