Drinking Games and Problems Related to Drinking Among Moderate and Heavy Drinkers.

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The quantity-frequency of alcohol consumption, and various problems related to drinking were assessed among a national sample of 3,830 alcohol consuming students from 58 American colleges and universities during the 1990-1991 academic year. Among Light-Moderate drinkers, a significantly higher proportion of students who had played a drinking game experienced 15 of 17 drinking-related problems. On the other hand, among Heavy drinkers there was little difference between game and nongame players. A higher percentage of game players had experienced five of the problems. Generally, for many problems, more than twice as many Heavy drinkers among both game and non-game players had exhibited the problem compared to more moderate drinkers. It was concluded that game playing appeared to increase problems related to alcohol primarily among more moderate drinkers whereas those who were heavy drinkers were exhibiting more problems regardless of their game-playing status. Education about the effect of game playing among students who are moderate drinkers should be addresse
Drinking Games College and University Students; Student Alcohol Questionnaire
Engs, Ruth C. and David J. Hanson (1993). Drinking Games and Problems Related to Drinking Among Moderate and Heavy Drinkers. Psychological Reports, (73):115-120. [final draft of article is here]. Use the above handle.
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