How Will People Re-Enter the Job Market in 2022 and Beyond

Going into 2022 career opportunities abound. Employees are actively pursuing new careers that better fit their lifestyle and career choices. While employers are seeking qualified and committed employees, career opportunities appear to be endless. Matching employees with the places of work, also, seems to be a challenge for employers and employees at the moment. The guidance of an experienced career coach may be a good step in facilitating a reflection on one’s assessment of skills and capabilities, along with a realistic approach to establishing a longterm career trajectory. It may also allow employees, who engage an experienced career coach, to emerge from the coaching experience better prepared with more satisfying career options moving forward. Companies on the other hand can also benefit from the commitment and morale boost in their workforce if they are open to the change of approach towards employees. It may be a good way to prevent the knowledge and tacit capability from walking out the door. In this white paper, we offer recent observations and suggestions for how to navigate this still developing scenario. And, hopefully, emerge successfully with desired career paths and new opportunities, where you can thrive and further develop your skills and goals.
White Paper
jobs, great resignation, knowledge, skills, career coaching, career changing, skill assessment
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